Here are the answers to In response to concerns left by neighbors of our project location.

Who owns the properties that MTT is considering?

South property is owned by Mark and Debra Kamm. North property is owned by VFW Post 360.

Will MTT consider helping Guests with food costs beyond the first two months of the Guest’s stay? That way, the Guest can save money to invest in the future.

If we are able to generate sufficient funds, we can do this for our Guests. Please note, however, that our goal is to help Guests become self-sufficient, so managing a budget, which will include paying for food, will be an important goal for our Guests to achieve before they transition out of MTT.

Will MTT consider two “Caretakers” to help monitor and assist the Guests? One caretaker can’t be there 24/7 and may have difficulty with this job.

We will start with one Caretaker/Manager. We do not intend to select Guests who require 24/7 monitoring and supervision. The Caretaker/ Manager will be available by phone 24/7. Additionally, MTT will be equipped with a security system, which will include surveillance cameras. Veterans who require more care and supervision than MTT can provide will be referred to appropriate agencies for help.

Will MTT add mental health screening to the Guest selection process?

Yes, we will add mental health screening to the Guest selection process.

Can a representative from the neighborhood participate in MTT’s Guest selection process?

MTT will invite Mary Sisti to serve as a consultant to the Board and neighborhood liaison.

Will MTT consider the character of the Veteran’s discharge in the Guest selection process?

MTT will not look specifically at the character of the Veteran’s discharge. We will, however, do a criminal background check on each potential guest and we will not be selecting any guests who are ineligible for VA benefits.

For information regarding the concerns provided, you can find the WVPE and WNDU here. If you have any questions, please send an email to: and we will answer your questions then post them to to our FAQ Page. Thank you for your interest and support of MTT.

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