Today is Memorial Day, when we honor and remember the brave men and women who have served our nation; we are presented with a unique and meaningful opportunity to express our gratitude and respect. The Mishawaka Parks & Recreation Department has partnered with Mishawaka Troop Town (MTT) to launch a campaign – the Veteran Plaza Pavement Brick Promotion.

Envision the serenity of Battell Park – the heartbeat of our community – adorned with a newly minted Veteran Plaza, its walkways paved with personalized bricks honoring our veterans. Each brick offers a silent, enduring testimony to the courage, commitment, and dedication of those who have safeguarded our freedoms.

This endeavor is not just about creating a beautiful, tranquil space in our beloved park. It’s about fostering a sense of unity, remembrance, and respect. Each brick purchased supports the dual mission of beautifying Battell Park and creating a lasting tribute to our service members. They will be a powerful reminder of those who have given so much to ensure our country’s security and freedoms.

We invite every Mishawaka resident and friend from afar to participate in this unique Memorial Day initiative. By purchasing a brick, you can honor a veteran close to your heart or express appreciation for all who have served. Each brick can be customized with the veteran’s name, branch, and rank.

This Memorial Day, let’s unite as a community to ensure our veterans’ sacrifices are not forgotten. Let’s create a pathway of remembrance, a mosaic of gratitude, with each brick telling a story of service and sacrifice. The Veteran Plaza will become a landmark of collective respect, a testament to our shared values, and a beacon of pride for Mishawaka.

We call upon you to be part of this remarkable undertaking. Purchase a brick, make a lasting contribution, and join us in the shared mission of honoring our veterans. As we lay each brick, we pave the way for a future of gratitude, respect, and remembrance – where our veterans’ stories continue to be told, and their sacrifices continue to be recognized.

This Memorial Day, honor those who have served in the most meaningful way possible. With every brick purchased, you are not only contributing to the beauty of Battell Park, but you are also ensuring that the legacy of our veterans endures. Make it personal, make it heartfelt, make it a brick in the Veteran Plaza.

To participate in honoring our fallen brothers and sisters, print and refer to the flyer attached:

This is more than a purchase; it’s an investment in memory, a tribute to those who have served, and a concrete way to show your support this Memorial Day. Let’s honor our heroes together. Purchase your brick today and make Memorial Day more than just a date on the calendar. Make it a day of remembrance, respect, and gratitude.